*This is an area of our manifesto that is currently under development.

Our ability to prove that all records stored in Permanent Archives are genuine, not a counterfeit, and free from tampering is essential to our integrity. This depends on our ability to prove that records in our archives are accurately attributed to their creator.

While we cannot control what happens outside of our system, we can make sure to validate the authenticity of files at the time they are deposited into a Permanent Archive through digital signatures and track the integrity of those files through immutable cryptographic records.

Information regarding the origins, custody, and ownership of an item or collection is a fundamental principle of archives and records of different origins should be kept separate in order to preserve their context.

Permanent Archive features like profiles, relationships, members, and directives will make it possible for us to carefully manage the provenance of all the records entrusted to us.

We already maintain detailed transaction and change logs but are looking at technologies that can improve the quality of those records.