Our Governing Board

Our board of directors is the governing body of our organization with a focus on seeing our mission and goals through. Each of our Board Members have a passion for innovation and have made great strides to advance technology and the internet as we have known them through the years.

Dean Drako
Dean DrakoFounder, President & CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, Founder of Barracuda Networks
Stephen Wolfram
Stephen WolframFounder & CEO of Wolfram Research, Wolfram Alpha and Pioneer of Wolfram Language.
Tracy LaQuey Parker
Tracy LaQuey ParkerInternet Hall of Fame Innovator, Best Selling Author, Founder of the UTeach Institute
Joshua Baer
Joshua BaerSerial Entrepreneur, Email Guru, Founder & CEO of Capital Factory
Paul Vixie
Paul VixieInternet Pioneer, Founder of Internet Software Consortium, Internet Hall of Fame inductee
David Munson
David MunsonPresident of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Former Dean of University of Michigan College of Engineering