Our Endowment

Our micro-endowment model sets us apart. Permanent endows your digital legacy with the financial stability of a museum to keep it permanently safe and accessible with a single one time donation.

Each time a user purchases storage, their one-time, tax-deductible storage fee (donation) is pooled into a shared investment (endowment). The returns or interest on that investment cover the continued cost of storage. Our model converts that one-time “micro-endowment” donation into perpetual storage.

But it’s not just the cost of storage. Fees support an organization committed to protecting, migrating, and maintaining access to user content for all time.

Storage costs decrease over time
Endowment returns grow over time

Even as the volume of digital materials preserved on Permanent.org grows over time (total storage), storage expenses decrease as the cost of storage declines. Endowment returns grow in sync with the volume of digital materials stored on Permanent.org and eventually exceed the total expenses: storage plus operations.