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A byte-for-byte partner empowers youth to tell their story

What if you could step into someone else’s shoes? Experience the world from their vantage point? E4 Youth students learn to create or remix virtual reality tours of their neighborhoods to spread cultural competency, build empathy and expand minds. Creative youth store the cultural content they capture on and utilize WebVR technology to bring their stories to life.

E4 Youth has struggled with the sheer volume of content their students create and the software they were using limited their access to their students’ files. was able to provide E4 Youth with a Permanent Archive to not only store vital files and projects but also to display and host these projects for the world to see.

e4 Youth

E4 YOUTH works with young adults in underserved communities to teach creative job skills and provide access to employment opportunities in the creative sector. Students in schools that lacked the curriculum required to make them competitive players in coveted industries now have access to after-school programs where they learn how to design, write code and even create virtual reality applications.

E4 Youth’s Archive is endowed through our Byte for Byte program with as much storage as they need to continue changing lives in our community. All donations made to this program support the preservation of the work of organizations like E4 Youth.
WebVR screenshot
Preserving Their Story
E4 Youth uses their Archive to store high resolution 360 images, videos and audio files created by their students to be made into virtual reality projects. They upload and retrieve the files as needed, in the same resolution they uploaded them in, to create WebVR stories that bring their community history to life. They also use to preserve the projects themselves and host them publicly to share with the world.

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