Making Up For Lost Memories

A mother experiences the real cost of for-profit platforms

When disaster strikes, we truly learn the value of what we’ve lost. Making preparations for the inevitable ensures that we will never need to face that sorrow.

Being a young mother at the rise of digital cameras, Christine began to document all the pivotal moment of her two children’s lives. With the ease of digital photography, Christine ended up with more photos than a laptop could hold.

Snapfish provided her with a free account with no limit to how many files she could upload. But one day she noticed that the file count didn’t match the amount of photos in an album. She chalked it up to a fluke until there were blank gaps where years of her life used to be. She contacted Snapfish but was told it was too late.

“Baby faces and first steps that I will never see again.”

Christine redownloaded everything that was left in her Snapfish account. She wanted a permanently safe home where she wouldn’t have to worry about data loss and having to undergo the tedious process of moving decades of her life again. Now her children’s lives are immortalized in her Permanent Archive where she can be sure they’ll never be lost.

Christine Garrison

CHRISTINE GARRISON is the owner of esteemed political job board Christine’s List, and Publisher and Co-Owner of Texas Blue Pages. She is also a history buff and professional genealogical researcher working with Republic of Texans. She resides in her hometown of Austin, Texas with her husband and children.

“Snapfish is an option for you for storage, but we do not guarantee that your pictures will be there forever.”
SNAPFISH Customer Support
Preserving Their Story
Christine’s Archive houses decades of family memories that document her children growing up and her family’s life in Austin, TX.

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