The Permanent Preservation Process

What to expect

Order a box

Email a photo of your collection to get a collection assessment. Your box should arrive within 5-7 days.

Examples of collections: Small, Small, Medium, Large

Opening the box

Be careful not to pull the tab, instead cut the tape to open. You have two weeks to return the box to us before the label becomes obsolete.

Add photos
Use the waterproof pouch to pack loose photos and albums. Do not pack glass frames.
Package photos in the box

Place the pouch in the box, using packing paper for cushion. Use the adhesive strip to securely close the box.  

Affix shipping label

Remove the old label from the pouch and replace it with the return label.

Ship back to Permanent
Drop off package at your nearest FedEx location. Email after you send it.
Digitization process

Permanent will organize, digitize and create an online archive of your photos. 

Originals returned

In addition to receiving your originals, the box will also contain the password to your online album along with a USB drive of your digital images.



Our promise to you.

We will preserve, protect and secure any private data entrusted to us and make any data shared with others or released to the public accessible for all time by migrating it through future technological advances.

We will never mine private data for our benefit, we will never exchange copyright as a condition of using our service, and we will never invade individual privacy with unsolicited advertisements.

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