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We are here to help you if you have a rich family history but your photos and documents are tucked away in storage.

We put your legacy at your fingertips.

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Our preservation professionals will work with you to sort, digitize and build your family archive. We can also create a mini documentary or printed photo books.



Small Box

12 x 11 x 1.5 inches

10 sets of 25 photos

Medium Box

11 x 13 x 3 inches

20 sets of 25 photos

Large Box

11 x 13 x 3 inches

40 sets of 25 photos


Our preservation professionals will work with you to curate your family tree, a mini documentary, or printed photo books.

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Pricing provided is intended to be a guide based on printed photos only. A quote will be provided upon receipt of your collection based on the types of originals being converted (i.e. photos, slides, and/or videotape) and any additional desired services. Please schedule a consultation for any questions you may have.

Preservation Services

Recording Image Descriptions

We'll preserve important details of your photos including people, places, and dates, plus brief stories behind the photos.

One-on-one consultations

Not sure where to start? Let's setup a call to discuss your originals and we'll help find the best way to present your story.

Organize Your Digital Photos

We'll organize all of your digital images across multiple drives.

Creative Projects

We can create mini documentaries, curate your family tree, and even create printed photo books from your files.

Archival Storage of Originals

When we're done scanning we can organize your originals into archival grade boxes upon return.

Endless Possibilities

All of our services can be bundled to best suit your needs.

Famous people are not the only ones who should have professional level archives. Archives for all people and democratized access is what drives us to tell the stories of families and organizations nationwide.

How We're Different

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No subscriptions. One-time payment.

On Permanent.org, you only pay once. There are no recurring costs. Purchase only what you need and pay only once, not every month. Your storage is yours and we'll never delete your stuff. 

Infinitely expandable.

Add more storage when you need it, anytime. All accounts start with one free gigabyte to get you started.

Permanent storage.

We're offering more than just another cloud storage service, we're creating digital archives. We care deeply about maintaining accessibility to digital materials for all time and the archival integrity of our platform.

Preservation Services Plan Highlights

Included with
Box Price
Additional Costs
Consultation for Services

Box with Archival Packing Materials

Two Way Shipping

High Quality, Scanned Printed Photos

Organized by Dates and Events

3 GB Permanent Storage Archive

Other Formats (Slides, Negatives, Video, etc)

Names, Places, and Descriptions of Photos

Other Creative Projects

Archival Grade Storage Boxes

What to Expect

I am so happy to have my photos and slides digitized and preserved! Permanent did a great job. I highly recommend their services.

Delma Vail

Our promise to you.

We will preserve, protect and secure any private data entrusted to us and make any data shared with others or released to the public accessible for all time by migrating it through future technological advances.

We will never mine private data for our benefit, we will never exchange copyright as a condition of using our service, and we will never invade individual privacy with unsolicited advertisements.

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