Building Better Models for Preservation

Emily Sienkiewicz

In this panel, three speakers will discuss their experiences preserving cultural heritage material in their communities when they saw a need that was not being met. The panelists are engaged in building better models for preservation, responding to the ways that existing standards and best practices create barriers for their communities and promote extractive practices.

ALA Conference 2021

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I was excited to attend the American Library Association (ALA) 2021 Conference on behalf of the Permanent Legacy Foundation last week!  At this online conference, I learned Permanent Legacy Foundation, an online archiving platform for individuals and organizations, is more important than ever in order to empower people to create and preserve their personal history. Wisdom Making meaning of data is something Permanent is striving to do. The files and photographs that our members trust us with are not just data to us. The experience of helping your elders upload family history to our platform provides a window into the lives they led along with the wisdom they carry that can be added to the …