Welcoming TightKnit to the Permanent.org Community!

Janel Simms

June 21, 2024

We are thrilled to share some big news with you: TightKnit is now a part of Permanent.org. This amazing in-kind donation of a web app platform is a first for the Permanent Legacy Foundation, and it’s a huge step forward in our mission to preserve and steward the digital legacies of all people. Let’s explore why our partnership with TightKnit is such a great match, what an in-kind donation means, and what are our plans for the future of TightKnit.

Permanent.org and TightKnit, A Perfect Fit

As a mission-driven organization, our members are at the center of everything we do and we’re delighted to welcome each and every member of the TightKnit community to the table as well. At Permanent.org, we’re all about long-term preservation. We provide a safe, secure home for your most cherished memories and important documents, ensuring they last for generations to come.

TightKnit shares our passion for community and connection. Their platform lets users share stories, connect with loved ones, and foster meaningful relationships. Using a digital “kitchen table” approach, TightKnit was designed as a space for loved ones to connect over shared memories. Testimonials from TightKnit users highlight the platform’s impact on their lives as a tool for sharing stories, reinforcing the value of this partnership.

We deeply appreciate the trust and confidence placed in Permanent.org by the TightKnit community and partners. The strategic alignment of TightKnit’s values and mission with our own is a testament to the unity between our organizations. We invite Permanent members to check out TightKnit and share your thoughts with us. Your feedback will be important as we bring these two platforms together.

An In-Kind Donation of a Web Platform

You might be wondering what an in-kind donation of a web platform actually means. Unlike a corporate acquisition where one company purchases the assets of another for some monetary value, an in-kind donation is the donation of a company’s material assets to a nonprofit. Typically, this might be computer hardware or other physical equipment and supplies. However, in the case of a web app like TightKnit, the assets are the platform software, intellectual property, brand elements, and user data. That means that the Permanent nonprofit mission will benefit from some of these assets but also that the Foundation also now has a new responsibility to steward TightKnit user data, community expectations, and software experience. 

By making an in-kind donation to Permanent, the TightKnit founders chose to prioritize community and the greater good, not profit. TightKnit needed a new home, and our preservation-focused mission made Permanent.org the perfect fit. As a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the digital legacy of all people, we are able to make sure that the family history research on TightKnit is preserved.

This donation brings benefits to both Permanent and TightKnit users. As the new stewards of TightKnit, we are committed to providing continued support and service. We’ve restored access to the TightKnit platform, allowing both new and existing users to connect with their friends, family, and stories seamlessly. While we are still in the process of updating our plans for the technical future of TightKnit, you can consult our roadmap on Github to be aware of upcoming changes and improvements. 

Looking Ahead: Our Future Vision

We’re dedicated to supporting TightKnit users and offering them the resources available to Permanent members. Over the next year, we’ll be working closely with TightKnit users to understand what they love most about the platform. This feedback will be key as we integrate TightKnit’s most essential and important features and user experience into the Permanent.org application with the goal of moving the TightKnit user experience and existing content there.

One of the more exciting features we plan to bring over to Permanent.org is commenting, which will enhance the user experience on Permanent by fostering greater interaction and engagement within our community. During this transition, TightKnit users can continue to use the platform as usual, with their data eventually being seamlessly transferred to Permanent for preservation.

Your feedback is crucial throughout this process. We’ll be hosting user experience focus groups and surveys to ensure the integration meets your needs and expectations. Our commitment to preserving digital legacies and enhancing user experience remains strong, and we’re thrilled about the possibilities this integration brings.

By bringing TightKnit into the Permanent.org community, we’re taking a groundbreaking step in our mission to preserve the digital legacies of all. We’re grateful for your trust and support. Together, we’ll continue to build a platform that honors and preserves your most treasured memories and connections.

Thank you for being part of this journey. We look forward to your feedback as we embark on this exciting adventure! If you’re not already signed up for email updates with us, you can sign up for them here to ensure you receive the latest updates about this in-kind donation.