In our last blog post, you saw how publishing your materials in our Permanent Public Gallery helps your loved ones remember you for who you are. Public archives allow you to author your story, in your own words, in a way that reflects the legacy you wish to leave behind. Beyond that, you can also honor the memories of your loved ones by curating a public archive that captures their life’s joys and triumphs. 

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.”

~Czesław Miłosz
A little girl with bangs holding a bucket and a shovel
Susie at her grandparents house in 1951.

Permanent member Ron Vincent has used his public archive to carry forth the memory of his late wife, Susie. Ron explains that he created a public archive because he “wanted a way to preserve [his] family’s history in story form.” He elevated his wife’s story by using the timeline view to share photos and memories from her life. Available exclusively for our public archives, the timeline view creates a timeline of your files based on the date you assign to them, creating the perfect opportunity to highlight significant events from a person’s life. Starting with a picture of her in 1949 as a baby, the timeline continues with photos from her childhood, marriage, and motherhood, until her eventual passing from colon cancer in 2003. Ron’s insightful use of photos and personal description illustrate the beauty of Susie’s life.

Timeline view of Ron's archive
Timeline view of Ron’s archive.

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”


Susie’s life story, chronicled in the timeline, reveals a remarkable woman deeply involved in her family, community, and church. Susie’s life was marked by service and resilience, from her early years to her final months. She raised eight children, actively participated in scouting programs, and advocated for nursing mothers like herself. Her leadership roles in church organizations, dedication to preserving family history, and talents in food preservation and event planning underscored her commitment to others. Despite facing personal trials, including chronic knee problems and a severe auto accident, Susie remained steadfast in her support for her family and community. According to Ron, her unwavering compassion and selflessness earned her a reputation as a true saint among those who knew her. Those are just a few of the highlights of her life that Ron captured in his public archive.

Vincent family photo of Ron and Susie along with their children and grand children
Vincent Family – 1998. Susie and Ron seated in front

Create a public archive to ensure and celebrate the stories and legacies of your loved ones. By utilizing features like the timeline view, you can chronicle significant events and milestones, creating a rich tapestry of memories that future generations can cherish. Just as Ron Vincent did for his late wife, Susie, you can honor the memories of those who have touched your life. Embrace this opportunity to keep their memory alive and make their life a lasting treasure for all to remember.