Help Us Design Our New Legacy Planning Feature

Kaitlyn Jarnagin

August 16, 2022

At Permanent, we believe that everyone leaves a legacy that deserves to be preserved. This year, the Permanent team has been working hard to design our new Legacy Planning feature. This feature will allow you to determine when, how, and with whom your materials on will be shared in the event that you are unable to maintain your account and archives. We are proud to share a Legacy Planning prototype with you so you can help shape this new and exciting feature.

Legacy Planning has been a vital part of our manifesto and our roadmap from the very beginning, because we believe that our members should be able to decide what happens to their materials in the future. Last quarter, the Experience Team and Engineering Team worked together to create a design document to define and plan the first iteration of Legacy Planning features. We conducted a landscape survey of other platforms’ legacy and memorial features such as Google’s Inactive Account Manager or Facebook’s Memorialization Settings and researched best practices for these features (including a paper our Director of Engineering Cecilia Krum authored!). Then, we outlined all the necessary steps to allow members to decide what happens to their account and the archives they own in the design document.

After solidifying a written draft of our Legacy Planning features, we built a clickable prototype of our design ideas. Prototypes help us visualize what a new feature will look like in the Permanent system, and it allows us to test a new feature with members and gather feedback. We are sharing the Legacy Planning prototype with you, our members and our partners, through series of community calls and webinars and this blog post so we can hear what you think about it.

So we want to know – what does leaving a legacy mean to you? What comes to mind when you think of legacy planning? Check out the video below to get an overview of the Legacy Planning prototype, then follow the link to click through the Legacy Planning feature. You can share your feedback through the survey at the end of the prototype. All survey participants will receive either 1GB of storage on or be entered to win a Target gift card.

Legacy Planning Prototype Instructions – Watch Video

Thank you for helping us create this new and exciting Legacy Planning feature, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!