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Featured image for “The Importance of and Opportunities for Community Archiving on Permanent”

The Importance of and Opportunities for Community Archiving on Permanent

Permanent supports community archiving through our Byte4Byte granting program, which allows our grantees and partners to secure 100GB of cloud storage and intern support for their unique projects and efforts…
March 11, 2024
Featured image for “Public Archive Spotlight: The Art+Feminism Archive”

Public Archive Spotlight: The Art+Feminism Archive

When it comes to whose and which stories have been captured by the historical narrative, women have been disproportionately left out. A 2018 survey from Wikipedia across 12 different language…
March 6, 2024
Featured image for “Imagine a World Where All People Are Included in History”

Imagine a World Where All People Are Included in History

Imagine a world where all people, regardless of their circumstances, financial means, or social status have the opportunity to be remembered for generations to come. Imagine a world where all…
January 22, 2024

UA African American Museum and WWII Internment Camps

First Speaker: Beverely Elliott Respecting the Past while Honoring Today African American Museum of Southern Arizona Beverely will be In Person Beverely Elliott is vice president of Elliott Accounting, an…
December 18, 2023
Featured image for “Building Towards a Sustainable Future”

Building Towards a Sustainable Future

Our mission is to preserve and provide perpetual access to the digital legacy of all people for the historical and educational benefit of future generations. Providing perpetual access is a…
August 21, 2023
Featured image for “Data Transfer Improvements”

Data Transfer Improvements

Over the past few months at Permanent, we’ve made it possible to transfer data and storage in some new ways.…
August 18, 2023
Featured image for “Celebrating & Honoring Indigenous Legacies & History with Rudy De La Cruz, Jr.”

Celebrating & Honoring Indigenous Legacies & History with Rudy De La Cruz, Jr.

We are delighted to shine a community spotlight on one of our recent Byte4Byte grantees this month, Rudy De La Cruz, Jr., Director of the Texas Heritage Project of AITSCM.…
November 15, 2022
Featured image for “Storage Grants for Historically Marginalized Narratives”

Storage Grants for Historically Marginalized Narratives

Our Byte for Byte program provides archival storage grants to nonprofit and community-led organizations that advance diversity, equity and inclusion in cultural heritage, preservation and history. Today we are excited…
September 22, 2022

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